Embroidered Skirt

|by oonaballoona|

WELCOME TO THE PARTY, Y’ALL! You know I wanted to dress my best for this glorious occasion! OBVIOUSLY THAT MEANS A DENIM JUMPER!!

I mean, come on. Nothing says party like suspenders.

Embroidered Skirt

Let me back up a bit. Thrilled to be here! Glad you came on over to boogie at The Sewing Party! Me ‘n my new purple man, Gorgeous George (also known as my Pfaff® creative 4.5) have been practicing our dance moves for the better part of a month now. He’s my private dancer! Gorgeous George and I got drunk on flowers, drunk I tell you, and we could not stop.

Embroidered Skirt

It was all George’s fault, really. I’d never tried machine embroidery before. But he’s a professional partier. He made it so appealing. You might have seen us on Instagram, sampling a few appetizers of metallic triangles (and one godzilla sized peacock feather). Nibbles done, it was time for the main panel of this heavy weight denim skirt. I wanted a framed garden, and Gorgeous was happy to give it to me like a Rick James song.

Embroidered Skirt

Embroidery design #99 (or, the “fireworks flower” as my hubs, Ruggy, likes to call it) was the start of the design, and the beginning of my CRIPPLING INDECISION. From there, I wanted to “paint” flowers on, placing them where it seemed right–could I do that? I scrolled through designs, adding them to the touch screen, scrapping and saving formations, wondering how I’d ever get them where I wanted them…Gorgeous purred: Hey girl, I got you. Lemme just break out my Precise Positioning Option.

Embroidered Skirt

And we were off to the races. I could map out my very own garden and position each embroidery program to begin exactly where I wanted it on the fabric. And then it dawned on me that I could stop and start stitches mid design, change up sizing, bypass parts I didn’t want by jumping forward to the next color, and basically go gleefully mad. WHICH I DID.

Embroidered Skirt

I used flowers and leaves from numbers 92, 93, 106, 108…and probably something else too. Oh yeah! A single butterfly from 136 smack dab in the middle of the frame!

Embroidered Skirt

That central butterfly used to be an oval fringed flower in cherry red, fleshy pink, and copper. It was an…unfortunate choicethat had to be undone. Consider where the butterfly currently floats, then consider a flower that would have made Georgia O’Keefe proud. Not the kind of George I was partying with. A-rippin’ I went. Also ripped, my first go at the oval frame: a copper satin stitch. The oval was too wide–it got hidden in the folds of this voluminous skirt. You could hide Texas in there. The ghost of that first decision remains. (Luckily, the ghost of that feminine fringed flower is obliterated.)

Embroidered Skirt

Now, let’s be real, there are a few bubbles going on in there, where my hooping wasn’t up to snuff. I’m pretty sure I bit off more than I should have been chewing. But, I do have a sizeable mouth. I often feel the need to stuff it, newbie or no. Go big or go home!

Embroidered Skirt

That could be the mantra for this pattern, McCall 7184. Takes a whopping 5 yards of fabric. Has a sweep of 50 feet. And in the (not recommended) heavy weight stretch denim I made it up in, weighs about 5,000 pounds.


Embroidered SkirtEmbroidered Skirt

I decided to flat fell every seam with George’s Stretch Triple Straight Stitch, recommended for reinforcing and topstitching. I used the blind hem foot to guide the needle along the raised seams. It’s also all along the hem of the skirt, edges cut close to the stitching and left raw. This might be one of my very favorite stitches ever. I’ve used it on 5 projects since we started partying!

Embroidered Skirt

And I plan on using everything Gorgeous can throw at me. Ain’t no party like a sewing party! He’s my wingman. Or maybe I’m his?

I’m oonaballoona (oona for short) aka Marcy Harriell (Marce for short). But I’ll answer with wild abandon to any name you call me…especially if you’re calling me to cocktails. I started sewing when I started blogging, during a temporary trek to tinsel town. Before the move to Los Angeles, a wise friend advised: Get a hobby. Blogging kept family close…sewing kept my sanity intact! Eight years later, back in New York, this “hobby” has turned into an obsession. When I’m not acting (the civilian side of oonaballoona) I’m stitching in the city, right next to my very best friend Ruggy.
Sewing machine: PFAFF® creative™ 4.5

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  1. Denise

    As always, great garment sewing Marcie. And welcome to the world of machine embroidery. Betting we’re going to see some cutwork from you and George too.

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      8. http://netarchive.site/cebupacificair.com

        – Thanks Jenny! The dress was from Marisa and the designer hand-picked the dress for me : ) I loved it too. And thanks for your thoughts on our anniversary, I can’t believe how quickly a year goes by, yours will be here before you know it too!October 28, 2009 – 2:19 pm

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        Oh, that second photo is just awesome! We are in the process of adopting a little boy from Taiwan…our daughter is 6, will probably be 7 when we travel. Thanks for sharing her experiences as well. As excited as these girls are to be big sisters the trip must be something else for them.Erika

      11. http://www./

        Very brave of you to share. I laughed at your comment on facebook about being barking-not this piece. Perhaps it is novel and new to be open enough to share these thoughts and that is why the culture & society may think “us”- (ie those oof “us” who do) barking-I don’t believe we are- I do believe we are probably just open and honest trailblazers. Thanks for sharing xx

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