Embroidered Emoji Ornament Free Download

Embroidered Emojie Ornaments Free Download|by Jessee Maloney|

Hello! Jessee here, from an Art School Dropout’s life, with a quick, inexpensive, and completely in the hoop ornament project. These brightly colored Emoji ornaments are perfect for your tree, as hang tags on gifts or attached to your rear view mirror. I bet there are dozens of other uses for them too, but I can’t think of them all now.

I chose to make ornaments of my four most used Emoji’s. I apparently cry/laugh, wink, smirk and get all googly heart eyed A LOT! I also feel like all four of these are upbeat enough to hang up during the holidays.

Ok, now let’s get started…

  • an embroidery machine. I will be using the HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER TOPAZ™ 50</li>
  • a 120x120mm hoop to do a single Emoji, or a 260x200mm hoop or larger to do all four Emoji’s at once
  • the free embroidery file included with this tutorial
  • two sheets of yellow eco felt OR a quarter yard of wool felt. Your choice here.
  • One spool of coordinating yellow thread (I preferred 50wt polyester)
  • One spool each of black, red, light blue and white embroidery thread
  • Tear away stabilizer OR your choice of sticky tear away stabilizer
  • Scissors
  • Thick thread or thin yard for hanging the ornaments
  • A needle with a large eye
Download the free emoji embroidery files (VP3)!Download the free emoji embroidery files (PES)!

Embroidered Emoji Ornaments Free Download

First things first, download the files! I have included all four Emoji files separately in case you only want to make one, but I also included a combination of all four. The combo files will be the one I’m showing today.

As you can see in the photo, I have opened the file on my machine, rotated the file to fit in my hoop and I’m all ready to go.

Embroidered Emoji Ornaments Free Download

I used my same technique from the How to Embroider Your Own Patch tutorial for only hooping my sticky stabilizer and then just sticking the felt on top if the hoop. I like to do this with thicker materials, but that doesn’t mean you can’t hoop your felt. It is completely up to you.

Embroidered Emoji Ornaments Free Download

Once the felt is secure, the hoop is clicked and the thread is loaded, I just press start and let the machine do its magic.

Embroidered Emoji Ornaments Free Download

Once all four embroidery thread colors are finished, you will have a piece that looks like the one above. Random emoji faces floating in a sea of yellow.

Embroidered Emoji Ornaments Free Download

A stop command will show up at this point too. This is there to give you time to prep for the next few steps.

Embroidered Emoji Ornaments Free Download

Since the next step in the embroidery is to attach a backing to hide all the embroidery mess, I suggest using coordinating thread in your bobbin as well as on the top. I chose to use everyday polyester because I wanted it to blend in more with the felt and not have the sheen like embroidery thread.

Embroidered Emoji Ornaments Free Download

You’ll want to move your hoop to the Bobbin Position and change the bobbin thread out.

Then move it back to the Current Stitch Position once everything is in place.

Embroidered Emoji Ornaments Free Download

Now here is where the second sheet of felt comes in. You are going to gently lift the hoop, while it is attached, and slide the felt underneath the hoop but on top of the sewing machines arm.

Try and center the felt with the felt on top and just lightly hold it in place before pressing start again.

Embroidered Emoji Ornaments Free Download

As you can see, it droops down a little, but once you press start, it will secure the layers together and you won’t need to hold it anymore. The bottom layer of felt will start to move around with the hoop.

Embroidered Emoji Ornaments Free Download

The last step after the stop command is just a quick outline running stitch to secure the two layers and to define the emoji’s so they are no longer just floating faces.

Embroidered Emoji Ornaments Free Download

This is what the back looks like. You will need to trim all the extra thread bits.

Embroidered Emoji Ornaments Free Download

The next step is to just unhoop the entire piece and cut out each Emoji about 1/8″ away from the yellow stitch lines.

Be very careful to not cut in to the face next to whatever one you are cutting out.

(can we comment on how weird it was to have my project laughing at me the entire time? He was laughing so hard he started crying! I must have been very entertaining)

Embroidered Emoji Ornament Free Download

Ta-Da! You have yourself some real life emoji’s that you can hold in your hand!

Embroidered Emoji Ornament Free Download

How cute are they? When looking at this photo, I feel like they could be used as coasters. They are big enough for that.

Embroidered Emoji Ornament Free Download

To make them in to ornaments I just strung the thick quilting thread on to a needle, pulled it through the top of the Emoji’s and then tied it off. Super simple!

In total this project took me 30 minutes to make the entire set. Which makes this one of those perfect last minute gifts. You know, one you can do last minute when you forget your teenage niece’s gift or something along those lines.

As always I enjoyed writing to tutorial for you all, and if you make any ornaments for yourself please share them with us!

Oh and before you leave, don’t forget to download the free files below for this project! You never know when you might need your very own felt Emoji.

JESSEE MALONEY Art School Dropout
I have spent almost my entire adult life as an indie business owner and maker, 12 years to be exact. Most of my time was spent dabbling in cast plastic jewelry, mix media accessories, 3D printing, laser cutting, embroidering and assembling vinyl pouches and much much more. It wasn’t until 2014 that I decided to jump in, head first, in to quilting. Now it’s pretty much all I do!

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