Your Cat Wants a Backpack

You Cat Wants a Backpack |by Taylor Hackbarth|

Humans are constantly schlepping their stuff from one place to another. We have all kinds of bags, suitcases, totes, purses, and backpacks so that we can bring our “cant-live-without” items wherever we go. There are websites that exist for the sole purpose of documenting people’s “every-day-carry.”

That’s all fine by me. In fact, I love bags. The problem, however, is that there are no bags for cats! What if a house cat wants to bring a tube of catnip from the toy box to the window to enjoy while she watches birds? Until now, there is no way to get it there.

Last fall I released my first sewing pattern for a roll top backpack. My wife and I have three cats, and since my pattern release I’ve heard non-stop complaining that they don’t have any backpacks of their own. It’s gotten so bad that they wake me up at 4:00 am as some sort of punishment.

Not being able to resist their constant nagging, I finally broke down and designed a miniature roll top cat backpack.

Your Cat Needs a Backpack

For scale, on the left is the original Desmond Roll Top Backpack. On the right is the Mini Desmond Cat Backpack.

The backpack exterior is made with with a rare Japanese chambray and the inside is fully lined with the finest Italian organic cotton.

Not short on functionality, it features two side pockets for easy access to toys. There is also a front pouch pocket with a button fastened closure for more sensitive items like catnip and treats. The roll top straps are secured with two professional grade side release buckles, which makes for easy access to the contents inside the pack.

Your Cat Wants a Backpack

The buttonhole attachment included with the Pfaff® Quilt Ambition 2.0 assisted with perfect sized buttonholes. I’ve never had a buttonhole foot like this one, and absolutely love that I don’t have to worry about measuring and guessing the right length for buttonholes.

Your Cat Wants a Backpack

Here is Sgt. Pepper testing the pack carrying supplies on a furniture mountaineering expedition.

For those cats who are short on time, the backpack easily attaches to a harness with Velcro, so no fussy straps to step into. Simply fasten your harness, toss the pack onto your back, and you are ready to go.

Your Cat Wants a Backpack

I meticulously sewed each seam to perfection. Cats are extremely picky creatures, so I was careful to make my topstitching perfect, and the proportions of the pack just right for a cat back.

Your Cat Wants a Backpack

My quality control manager Kalypso stopped by frequently to inspect my work and make sure everything was coming together properly. The free arm feature on the machine was very helpful when I attached the lining to the exterior of the pack. It allowed me to slide the pack opening on to the bed of the machine while keeping the sewing area flat.

Your Cat Wants a Backpack

When detached, the free arm also makes for a great chin scratching edge for my supervisor.

Your Cat Wants a Backpack

Designed for active cats, the pack does not restrict movement in any way. Sgt. Pepper has no problem extending to the top of the scratching post while wearing the pack.

Your Cat Wants a Backpack

Sometimes you stop and take all the things out of the pack, roll around on the dining room table, and eat a little cat nip.

Your Cat Wants a Backpack

Sometimes you sit with a goofy look on your face, trying to remember if you packed the left over tuna for lunch. This is Desmond, the namesake for my Desmond Roll Top Backpack pattern. He’s the sweetest, goofiest cat you’ll ever meet.

Happy April Fools everyone! (Desmond really is a sweet cat though)

Taylor started sewing six years ago after commandeering his wife’s sewing machine in an attempt to make a pair of jeans. He has been making clothing and bags ever since, and spends nearly all of his free time drafting patterns, or happily hunched over a sewing machine. Taylor currently lives in Nashville, TN with his wife and three crazy cats.
Sewing machine: PFAFF® quilt ambition™ 2.0

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  1. Michelle Rivera

    Lol this totally made my morning! Particularly the information about how picky cats are about top stitching. For the cats and kittens who have everything… Utilitarian feline outfitting. Happy to see the sewing party is back up and running. Thanks Taylor! You’re awesome.

  2. Kate G

    I want to make one for the Slammer (my Chihuahua studio mate). He already has a stylin’ bomber jacket, but now he would have a way to get his laptop to the local coffee bar for those creative breaks. Thanks, Taylor!

  3. Liana

    So clever! I think I should make one of these for my 6 year old niece’s 18 inch doll – perfect size!!

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  5. Phyllis

    Do you have a pattern for this or the size. I would love to make one for my daughters cat. Neo called me last night and asked if I could make him one before schools starts.


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