ALEXIA ABEGG Green Bee Patterns Cotton + Steel
Alexia Marcelle Abegg is a co-owner of Green Bee Design and Patterns, a co-founder of Cotton + Steel, and author of Liberty Love. Alexia and her husband, artist and fabric designer, Rob Bancroft, live in Nashville with their two dogs. She currently divides her time among creating sewing patterns; designing fabric; teaching; making art; and writing.

Hailing from a very small town in Southern Virginia, Christopher has lived in several cities over the years from Atlanta to San Francisco and now NYC. He grew up in a traditional quilting family and before he could walk and talk, was playing under a quilt frame. As the years passed, Christopher continued tinkering with crafts, quilting, and other odds-and-ends creative endeavors. He purchased his first grown up sewing machine and has been working late nights and weekends to create interesting quilts inspired by the world around him–art, music, fashion, and of course, there’s a nod to his traditional roots thrown in there too!

JENNIFER WIESE Workroom Social

Hi! I’m Jennifer Wiese, founder of Workroom Social and Camp Workroom Social. I’m on a mission to help make good sewers great sewers! At my Brooklyn-based studio, I teach hobby sewers methods that make clothing construction easy and produce beautiful results that look store-bought, not homemade. My sewing patterns are both foolproof in instruction and fashion-forward in design, and my line of sewing tools and resources make it easier than ever for hobby sewers to sew well. I’m excited to be a part of your sewing journey here at The Sewing Party!

JESSEE MALONEY Art School Dropout
I have spent almost my entire adult life as an indie business owner and maker, 12 years to be exact. Most of my time was spent dabbling in cast plastic jewelry, mix media accessories, 3D printing, laser cutting, embroidering and assembling vinyl pouches and much much more. It wasn’t until 2014 that I decided to jump in, head first, in to quilting. Now it’s pretty much all I do!

LOLA Love Lola
I’m a Lola. A hot mess in a self-made dress; a self taught seamstress that knew fashion was what I’ve wanted to do since the age of 5. All it took was one class at The Sewing Studio to know I’d be forever glued to my sewing machine. When I’m not writing a no-holds-barred account of my sewing projects, I’m without a doubt eating everything in sight, biking fervently around the city, and indulging in other creative outlets.
Sewing machine: HUSQVARNA VIKING® OPAL™ 690Q [/

MARCY HARRIEL Oonaballoona
I’m oonaballoona (oona for short) aka Marcy Harriell (Marce for short). But I’ll answer with wild abandon to any name you call me…especially if you’re calling me to cocktails. I started sewing when I started blogging, during a temporary trek to tinsel town. Before the move to Los Angeles, a wise friend advised: Get a hobby. Blogging kept family close…sewing kept my sanity intact! Eight years later, back in New York, this “hobby” has turned into an obsession. When I’m not acting (the civilian side of oonaballoona) I’m stitching in the city, right next to my very best friend Ruggy.
Sewing machine: PFAFF® creative™ 4.5

SUNNI STANDING A Fashionable Stitch
Sunni Standing is proprietress of all things A Fashionable Stitch, where she blogs about her love for apparel sewing. Sunni has been a sewing blogger since 2007, when after graduating from college she reclaimed an old passion for sewing her own clothes. A Fashionable Stitch documents her battles with getting a great fit, sewing tutorials, in addition to her more recent escapades in the world of small business ownership. These days Sunni can be found sewing, blogging about sewing and working a full-time gig for the man and on some rare days she’ll spend hours pawing through and contemplating future creations from her giant fabric stash.
Sewing machine: PFAFF® performance™ 5.0 [/

Taylor started sewing six years ago after commandeering his wife’s sewing machine in an attempt to make a pair of jeans. He has been making clothing and bags ever since, and spends nearly all of his free time drafting patterns, or happily hunched over a sewing machine. Taylor currently lives in Nashville, TN with his wife and three crazy cats.
Sewing machine: PFAFF® quilt ambition™ 2.0